Wise Scripts Library - Misc.

Have an always working progress bar for "Copy Local File(s)" without having to supply file size information ("Local Path:") at compile time.
This package contains the RASTOOLS.DLL, a Win32 DLL that can be used with the Wise Installation System software. The DLL provides access to Win32 Dial Up Networking from Wise scripts. Detailed description, full C source code and sample included
Imports reg files into wise scripts; supports win2000 unicode reg files
Splash Screen
Custom splash screen for setup program
Timed Message Box
Timed Message Box
UI Tools
  • make any control in a dialog appear truly transparent
  • ability to specify a custom text color for all dialogs or only selected dialogs
  • change the behavior of the "Close" button in the caption of pop-up dialogs in dialog sets. Allows you to "redirect" this button to a push button in the dialog. This way, clicking close in a pop-up dialog can be configured to actually "Cancel" the dialog and go back to the main dialog rather than prompting the user to exit the installation (not intuitive).
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